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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Time flies...

Here it is Sunday evening all ready. These weekends go by too fast. Friday was Google Reader review night. Love to get caught up on all that interesting stuff out there. Of course by the time I finished with that it was 3:00am. So naturally I slept till 1:00 the next day. Just in time for Rhi coming in from the barn. I must have been out, I didn't even hear her leave. Such a rainy gray day that we decided to stay in. Just a quick run to the Quick Trip for soda. Saturday was catching up on Hulu and Netflix. I watched a movie with Liam Niesen and Sandra Bullock called "Gun Shy" it was about an undercover DEA agent who'd almost been killed during a bust and was having post traumatic stress issues. He ends up going to group therapy while still on a case and getting all the  guys in his group involved in the case. It was pretty cute and had a good ending. I went out to check on things in the tent and it had fared pretty well. I did discover why the chaise was so cheap though. The tent reeked of cat pee so I've got the cushion out in the rain and air. As soon as it's decent enough to be out there I'm going to use the hose and some detergent on it and let it dry in the sun. I think it's recoverable, it's just going to take some work. Sunday I decided I'd been enough of a slug this weekend and talked Rhi into getting out with me. We went by the gym, but of course it wasn't open, so we went to the mall and made a brisk trip twice around. By the time we were done my lower back hurt, my left shoulder hurt, and I had a sharp pain in the ball of my foot. Jimminy Crickets it's hard work to get back in shape. I found a new app this weekend to help with fitness. It let's you put in your weight and your goal, how much you want to lose a week, and tells you how long it will take you to get there based on what you're telling it. You also put in your meals and your exercise for the day and it calculates how many more calories you can eat after you've put in each meal. In other words it's just another fun toy to play with to keep things from getting boring. I like changing things up it keeps me interested. I decided to be a little crafty today as well. It was nice. Rhi and I both sat at the table, she worked on the paper she has due and I worked on beading this necklace. The colors aren't showing up that well in this picture. There's actually a lot of red in it. Rhi said she'd pose in it as long as I didn't include her head in the picture. I'll have to wear it tomorrow to show it to you guys.

Petey had to go in her cage while I beaded. She would not be deterred from helping otherwise.Just as I was finishing up Mom came for a visit. We were all over at the table sipping tea when she asked up to go to Mama Jeans with her to pick up ginger chews. I came into the living room to put on my shoes and thought, what the heck is that fuzzy stuff all over the floor. That's when we discovered that someone had attacked the rabbit fur collar of my mom's coat that she had left on the chair. We were all right there in the dining room I don't know how we missed that massacre. Fortunately it's thinner but still wearable. Rotten little monsters. We don't know which one did it but we have our suspicions. Picked the last of my jonquils on the way back in from our outing. No point in leaving them out for the frost. They sure are pretty on my table.

The babies are out cold on the couch, I'm finishing up my weekend with a little blogging, doing a little laundry, maybe doing a few dishes. Or on the other hand maybe I'll just go read a book.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Last Tango in Tandem

It was a good day today. Started the day off with a positive meeting. Spent my lunch hour garage saleing with Teresa. Just kind of looking around, I'm looking for decorating items for the tent. We were going to go by Funtiques (which for some reason, I can't stop calling Good Ju Ju). I think I'm just going to give up and start calling it Lauren's place. So anyway we turned down this side street and Teresa spotted another garage sale sign. I didn't think much of it when we pulled up. It looked like clothes and crap from the street but I'm so glad now that we stopped. Look what I found - this is going to be so perfect for the tent when I get it fixed up.

I need to go the material store this weekend and look at outdoor fabric. I'm torn between two visions. Either a neutral pallet of light colors with different textures or an Arabian Nights fantasy with pinks, blues, purples, etc. I'm just going to have to see what they have at the material store. White has always been impossible in the house but in the dog free zone...  Let's just say it has some appeal.

I don't know what's going to end up appealing to me the most. It could go either way. I'm a woman of many whims.

If I go with the color pallette I'm influenced by my Lavender Buttercup graphic maybe in somewhat more subtle shades.

Now on to dancing. Tonight we spent most of the evening on the Tango. I really like the Tango. It makes me feel like a real dancer. Not only a real dancer but a very feminine dancer. Hard to explain. Then we switched back to the waltz and I lost it. Apparently my brain can only hold one dance at a time. Some sad news tonight as well. Robin's rehearsal schedule starts back up next week and he won't be able to come back to class. I may be back to dancing with Marie next week. That's okay though Marie always makes me feel more competent. I don't know how she manages to teach both parts though. That switching from leader to follower and teaching both parts would absolutely fry my brain. You're my hero Marie!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Not So Hot Weather

So it's 56 and a bit nippy with the wind tonight. Still not bad in the tent. Yes, yes I am still in the tent. It does make a nice quiet place to blog here in the dog free zone. They're being too quiet though, I've got to peek out and see what they're up to.Yep they were digging something up had to put the little monsters in since I've got the tent flaps up and can't watch them. I discovered something important today. Had a little relapse on my anger management. Finally figured out what's different this week so I think I can address it. I haven't had my wellness classes this week and I think my endorphins are low. If that's what it is I don't think I should be missing any more classes even if it is spring break. I did do a bit of exercise in the floor yesterday and I walked with friends a couple of times today so I hope that gets me back on track. I'm also really happy to hear that we are having the ballroom class tomorrow evening. Tammy and I went for a long walk after work tonight. We were really engrossed in our conversation and I was watching the bush growing over the sidewalk to get around it and completely missed the tree branch hanging over. I about poked my eye out. The crafting bug has bitten me again, I just hope it lasts through the weekend when I can actually spend some time on things. I found a really pretty candle holder in a magazine that will require some handmade blossoms, a piece of wood and some glass candlesticks all in neutral colors. There are so many crafting ideas out there on the blogs that I could have a new project every weekend for the rest of my life. It's so satisfying when you actually complete something and really like what you've created! I can't wait to get started.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bustin Thru

The dogs have discovered my tent in a big way tonight. Lady and Bobby are insisting on being in the tent. I made the mistake of letting Lady hang out with me yesterday evening and now she thinks it's a given. Of course Bobby wants in on that as well. With Bobby and Lady in the tent Dixie wants in too. Trouble is she doesn't know how to get in and is just attempting to plow her way in the screen. I didn't let any of them in by the way. That was all Rhi! Ah they're all shooed out and it's quiet in the tent once again. Rhi also brought Petey out for a visit. I'll get even somehow. I have set up a little folding card table and two lawn chairs in the tent so I'm typing at a table. Not pretty, but functional. That's okay though this first tent is all about experimentation before the arrival of the cottage size tent. Teresa has intrigued me with pictures of handmade chandeliers today. One crystal beauty has particularly caught my eye. But the more I think about it the more interested I am in a stick chandelier strung with white Christmas lights. No telling what will develop. I was leaning toward pinks and greens and purples and an Arabian Nights decor but upon further reflection there are merits to an all white scheme with various textures. Further dog bans must be issued for that to be a possibility though. I didn't zip the bottom of the tent door and Bobby has just figured out how to get in. Crafty little devil. They don't think being separated is at all right. I think finding the right indoor/outdoor run will key. I think I'll work on finding that first and then decorate around it. T. also suggested redoing the old chest-of-drawers and using it for storage in the tent. Definitely an idea worth considering. After all I do intend to set it up so I can do crafting out here. Sage is over there peeking in the window. I think my co-workers were skeptical when I first hatched this plan but they're coming around to diggin' the idea. So far so good on the placement. The tent is far enough from the house but angled for privacy. I wonder how difficult it would be to make a little platform bed, hmmm....

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Arabian Nights Phase I

Much better day today. I've successfully picked up the bulk of the sticks in the back yard (in spite of the snake).
Peace brother, be on your way. Have made it half way through the annual poopage cleanup festival. Have discovered if I tape a trash bag onto the frame for my hamper, it is the perfect tool to carry around the yard with me in this endeavor. That much being accomplished I elected to move on to my real mission in the yard today. I began with laying out the tarp and figuring out where to set up so I don't block Rhi's window. Then I made Rhi come out and help me set up the test tent. It's smaller than my summer tent will be, only one room but works as a test case. For those of you who haven't heard my grand scheme... I ran across a big tent on the website at Sears that looks just like a little cottage and hatched this plan for the summer. I have a book called sacred spaces that shows the special get a way places that women design for themselves to meditate or read or just take a break from everything. While Ali McGraw's adobe bungalow was cool, what really caught my eye was an Arabian tent complete with a desk for writing and a lounge chair for relaxing. Beautiful! Now I'm convinced that I can have this too. I don't have a big beautiful Arabian tent but a cottage tent is just as appealing. I feel pinks and purples and greens coming in my design scheme. Definitely an outdoor chandelier, maybe a hammock and probably a craft table of some sort. The test tent today is to test whether I can keep a tent on the ground with wind. Again with Rhi's help, I have it firmly anchored with stakes and bunged to the chain link fence so we'll see how it fares. Meanwhile, no furniture yet but Lady and I are lounging on a blanket while I work on my blog. I haven't run an extension out yet so I've got an hour before I run out of juice. So far I'm loving it. I've got the windows open so I have a nice breeze but there's enough privacy that I'm relaxed and at ease with no neighbors in sight. Unfortunately the white German Shepherd next door just figured out I'm in here but hopefully she'll settle down in a minute. Rhi is a little annoyed that I text-ed her to bring out the mouse for my computer. She said "I'm right here". How did I know she had her window open! I think I'm going to stretch out and take a little outdoor nap now. Or maybe watch a little Hulu. I think I have enough power for a thirty minute sitcom. :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back on Track

Well I have some lingering congestion from flumageddon but am feeling much better. Went to all my classes last week and only coughed in the first one. That first one is kind of a blur. The Wednesday class was all about walking lunges and Friday with Ginnie was some really good stretching. Just wanted to lay there and go ahhh after the Friday class. Saturday I let myself get talked into trying Marie's ballet class. As it turns out it was pretty cool. It's a small class with about five or six women of various ages just there to get a good workout and have some fun. Not a lot of moves I could do, it's pretty complicated but man did I get some good stretches. This could be really help me with my flexibility. I just have to figure out if I want to give up a chunk of my Saturday running around day for it. 

Today Rhi and I were all about the cooking. I ground up some rosemary 

and Rhi grilled some garlic and we mashed that up and put it all over some potatoes drizzled with olive oil. 

They're in the oven roasting as we speak. I really like using Rhi's mortar and pestle for grinding up the spices - fun! 

I ground up some peppercorns and celery salt and onion flakes and pounded those into a couple of really nice Venison round stakes which we cooked on the grill.Yum. The dogs are going crazy over the smells. They kept trying to sneak into the kitchen to be nearer the lusciousness. Top it off with a really good class of sweet tea and I'm good to go for the day!

If only it had distract Sage longer. He's curled up on my lap this evening hiding from the thunder.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 2 of Flumaggedon

Interestingly enough this variety of flu doesn't seem to affect my appetite. Other than making me crave cold and fresh. I'm sending Rhi out for a pickle. The headache is persistent and annoying and I have a persistent raspy noise behind my sinuses that's very disconcerting. I had a 102 degree fever yesterday which is minor for me. I use to scare my mom with my fevers. When we lived on Kentwood I had the chicken pox and topped out at 106. I remember laying there in my little bed with the frilly yellow bedspread waiting for my mom to get home from work and watching little pigs dancing across my bed. When mom got home and was taking my temp I bit the thermometer and she had to carefully wipe the glass out of my mouth with a washrag. Here's an interesting thought. Sometime over the last few years we've switched from mom coming over to check on me when I'm sick, bringing me 7up, maybe putting a cool cloth on my head to "don't come over mom, I don't want you getting this crap". Just the teeniest bit of sad there. Rhi's taking good care of me though and Dixie just threw herself on top of me and said I wuv you. She's keeping a close eye on me this week. I didn't need that spleen anyway.

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