Better than what...

Better than what... Better than ever... Better than your average bear... Better than I used to be... Better than nothing...
You'll just have to read on and decide for yourself.

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Springfield, MO, United States
I'm a continual work in progress.

Life with the Pack

Current members of the pack:
Lady - Grand-dame of the group, age 15ish, Pitt Bull, Hound mix, rescued from a rainy parking lot as a puppy.
Sage - So many issues, age 10ish, North Carolina dog, mix? Was living feral in the county and was lured in with food after a six month period by a member of the Animal Abuse Council. Afraid of bugs, storms, and things yet to be discovered.
Bobby - 4ish, Beagle mix, ADHD, rescued from the country by the Abuse Council, hates the country, doesn't like to get his feet wet, doesn't like to be dirty. City boy.
Dixie - 2ish, Rottweiler, Sheppard mix, 85lbs of puppy love who thinks she's a lap dog. Thrown out of a car as a puppy, adopted outside a pet store a skinny, scraped up, mangy bundle of need.
Silver - white short-haired cat, one blue eye, one green eye, adopted from a cat hoarder home, curled up in Rhi's lap and refused to be left behind.
Petey - Calico kitten, 4 months, gray with cream colored undercoat and a bit of white, Petey who turned out not to be a boy, psycho kitten who runs from one end of the house to the other randomly pouncing dogs, hair ties, and people.