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Friday, July 1, 2011

Five Days of Joy Fest

Ahh the mini vacation! I'm parlaying a half Friday and a Monday holiday into my Five Days of Joy Fest by taking Thursday off as well. I ran around with Rhi yesterday until she had to go to class and then finished off the day by picking up my new Waterfall Chest. I got it all situated and found some bamboo looking shelf liner that I cut and fitted perfectly into my jewel. No kidding, I figured just right and only had about a 2x6 strip left over. Then of course I had to arrange all of my clothing into all of the various compartments. I can't believe how much more storage this thing gives me.

Three of the six drawers are divided

and it just fits into the spot that I planned for it.

I did some research online on Waterfall furniture. It was designed as inexpensive furniture for newlyweds back in the 40s and sold at places like Sears.

Young couples were broke back then too and many lived with their parents when they were starting out. So a bedroom suite was one of their first purchases as a couple and often held special sentimental value.

It generally was plywood covered with a nice wood veneer in interesting designs to make it pretty. You can't see it clearly in this picture but mine has pretty little bakelite medallions incorporated into the handles.

Bakelite is some sort of polymer resin used for decorative touches. My chest is surprising heavy for something made inexpensively and it does have dovetailed drawer construction. I love it already.

LOL! I cleaned off the dining room table just before I started writing this and I just walked by it to get supper and it's already covered in scrapbooking paraphernalia and cat. Seriously I don't think Petey could sprawl out any further. I'm going to join Rhi later and work on another necklace while she scrapbooks. I found a new pretty at the bead shop in Branson today. I have an idea about macrameing my wire that I'm going to test.

We had pizza at Mr. G's (awesome Chicago style pan pizza - pepperoni, onions and jalepenos. Yum!) Then we swung over to a resale store called Weezies in the old downtown part of Branson. Rhi found some blinged out jeans with rhinestones running down the outside seam. Lots of good stuff in there - I think we need to go back on a regular basis.

We also stopped by the Craft Mall for a quick tour. They were playing some great 70's music and Rhi had to tell me to quit dancing and pay attention several times. This started a trip down memory lane on the drive back. Rhi says "Remember how you use to tell me to cut it out and be normal when I was doing stuff in the stores?" I think that might have involved standing on her head or cartwheeling down the aisles but I don't really remember what she was doing at the time. She's been unable to provide concrete examples to back up her claim.

106.7 was playing good stuff on the radio for the drive back. I'd forgotten how profound the lyrics on this one are:

I hope the link works. If not, it's "No Time" by Guess Who. Crank it and enjoy summer buddies!