Better than what...

Better than what... Better than ever... Better than your average bear... Better than I used to be... Better than nothing...
You'll just have to read on and decide for yourself.

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Springfield, MO, United States
I'm a continual work in progress.

My Inner Child

If Only...

Searching for the life I was meant to live, if only...
Sifting through tattered cardboard boxes of memory.
Examining pain through the magnifying glass of self.
Here the dusty footprints of childhood,
there the shattered, rainbow colored glass of a dream.
I find a trunk chained with the past
and locked with lies.
I smash the chains with truth and wide open eyes.
Inside is a brightly shimmering dress of possibilities
that is just my size.
I don the dress and dance gracefully into freedom,
leaving the hurt behind.