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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Resolution

I've never been much into the whole New Years resolution thing. It's always seemed more like wishing on a star than making a plan to me. Not a big planner, going with the flow, being spontaneous is more my style. But it's never too late to try something new. I think I'm going to start small though. My Christmas week off has been pretty well sidelined by a stupid cold and the energy level has been slow to come back. I need to get back into my exercise routine. I miss it and it's affecting my outlook. I'm also going to work on not letting things at work bother me. This one is difficult because it centers around the false belief that I can control anything in my working environment. Not gonna happen - so I will refocus on what I can control at work. I will clean my desk!

On the home front I have many daily examples of how to be unencumbered by worry or stress. Cleo has her hairtie tracking pursuit. There's one in the cat food dish as we speak. Silver has her single minded pursuit of the warmest place in the house. The dogs have their constant shifting search for the perfect snooze spot. Not going to be my bed, I'm going to win this one this year. Crap wait, where's Sage. Sage, get out of my bed!

As far as projects of late, there hasn't been much going on due to the lack of energy. I have found the medicine cabinet at the right price for my bathroom redo. My horrible, horrible little postage stamp bathroom is screaming for a makeover. But now that I've found the medicine cabinet and have purchased the white paint the bathroom's days are numbered. Cleo and Scruffy are determined to take up the stick on floor tiles to let Giselle come in. Giselle is the stray that is living under the house and crying to come in at night. Giselle would probably have already wormed her way in if it weren't for the fact that Silver and Petey have threatened to eat her liver everytime she's come in. The dogs could care less, what's one more strange little cat sister. If I can only get them to take up the rest of the tiles I could get busy on a painted floor. 

Meanwhile, baby steps till I get my energy back. Here's the cabinet before...

Loads of sanding ahead, then a nice white coat and some glaze. I've already found a little crystal knob for it. It's going to be beeoootiful when it's done. 

Until then the babies say it's time for a nap and apparently my leg is an integral part of their plan.

Nothing for it but to relax and finish my Anthony Bourdain marathon.

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